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My wife and I are originally from Houma, LA (60 miles South-Southwest of New Orleans). We moved to Lafayette in 97'. Four daughters and their friends complement the requirement to cook! We both enjoy cooking and especially hearing mmmmm... after the first bite (if we get it right). My Mother-in-Law (Lena) taught me most of what I know and my father (Percy) got into cooking after he retired so I picked up several good things from him also. My wife is a pro at several dishes and I don't even mess with trying to make those any better, I just eat em'! She's also a big contributor to the site.

After forty some-odd years of cooking I still look for ways to make good food taste even better. I've tried and failed at many a dish as most of us have but I keep tryin'. I'm always willing to try new things so be aware!!! I am not a chef by any means, but, I love to cook. Well, maybe I don't love to cook, I just love to see people smile and say mmmmm...after the first bite! If cooking gets me there then hey, I'm cookin'!

So here it is... Cooking Louisiana... but why a web site, and why didn't I call it "Louisiana Cooking"?

First part, (why a Web Site?). Well, I like to share what I know (or think I know), and, learn from others. What better way to do it? If I don't know something, or, have a question about something you'll see it in my writing. I'm not a "know it all". I need to learn too!

I would also like to share a little South Louisiana Style with the world (they don't call it the World Wide Web for nothing!). Of course there are many sites like this one, but, not "Just Like It". I have some objectives in mind....

One objective is to offer more pictures and information. The more we know the better we can can smoothly go through our lives. Cooking is one of the things we deal with on a day-to-day basis. God knows we deal with enough other stuff! To me, to get a true feel for a dish, I've got to see what it looks like both in preparation and the final result. I try to do that here. Just having a written recipe is not good enough, don't you agree? Food handling knowledge is very important also and is included.

The second objective is to provide a good interaction spot for people who like to cook for friends and family in the Louisiana style. We're so alike yet so far separated. I'm hoping we trade some secrets here so we can all be better home cooks.

In addition (the best part), I want to give the world an insight into the home kitchens that make us what we are. It's not often I see a TV cooking show that depicts the true home style cooking of South Louisiana. You are it folks! Join me in getting the true story out there! Traditional dishes from years gone by have made us what we are today, let's not loose that, please. We'll of course do some modern things here too, Cajuns can get pretty creative!

Another benefit for us all is having a web site at our fingertips to find a good recipe just about wherever we may be.

My approach is from the ground up. I don't assume the reader "already knows" anything. The "just started" cook needs to learn too. Let's learn some facts together as we go along.

Second Part (backwards name). Because, the flavor of Louisiana is not only in the food, it's in the people and the country. So if I cook up a little "lagniappe" (something extra) about Louisiana, don't be surprised!

You'll notice I write like I talk, I hope you English teachers don't mind! It's the Cajun in me.

In closing I would like you to think of this site as "our" site, not mine alone. I am all ears when it comes to suggestions on any topics here. Don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas, recipes, cooking tips, etc....


Cook till it satisfies my friends!...... a smile is worth a thousand words.... Cook a fine dish and make their hearts come alive!

Thanks many times for coming by.

Enjoy.....and please return.....

Jack Guidry
Lafayette, La.
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