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Cajun Cooking is hard to put a definition to today. Cajun Recipes and Creole Recipes have become similar in some respects but years ago you could really say they were city and country cooking. Creole cooking was city and Cajun cooking was country.

Cajun and Creole Cooking is not only knowing how to re-create the really great traditional dishes of South Louisiana (or anywhere for that matter), but it is an art form by which the experienced cook can be creative. Never fear the urge to be creative!

Louisiana cooking today has its own special taste. Mostly because we have a well blended mix of Cajun and Creole styles along with Spanish, German and Irish influences to name a few. What's the difference in Cajun and Creole? Read on...

We also have chefs that can take the "already delicious" dishes and make them better. Louisiana cooks however don't forget the basics that brought them to what our food is today. Many of us home cooks sometimes try a little something different with the basic dishes and often wind up going back to the original recipe that Maw-Maw gave us. Some things just aren't broken so why try to fix em'? Although we love the great Louisiana chefs, this web site is devoted to the "home cook", the real source of our wonderful food.

As stated earlier, creativity is what drives the home cook or chef to develop new dishes and bring different twists to the old traditional dishes. The fact that there are so many different recipes for the same dish proves that point. But then again, some recipes are just bad renditions of the originals. How can you tell the difference? The inexperienced cook can't really do that, and, if the new cook uses a recipe that is inferior for the first time he/she must be aware that the poor outcome is not necessarily their fault. The recipes I post on this site are either tried and true, or, come from a source that I feel is trustworthy. They are not copied from other web sites, anybody can do that.

Good food is the glue that sticks us together as family and friends. That's why food is usually the centerpiece of South Louisiana gatherings. Food preparation is an act of love and is thought of as a gift by many cooks. We thank God for giving us the food (a gift) and we show our appreciation by preparing it so all will enjoy it (passing the gift) . The cook tries desperately to make a dish that all will enjoy and so the pot is also seasoned with love.

The new cook puts as much love in the dish as any other person, so if the dish isn't quite right don't beat them up over it. This is a sure-fire way to discourage anyone from continuing to learn to cook.

Now, one more point, people are different so if you are a beginner you will sometimes receive praise for a dish that is only "so-so". The taster usually knows you are just starting so be ready for different reactions from your clients. Take the time to ask your clients what they think you could have done different to make it better. Asking one person's opinion can be misleading so get a few if you can.

Cooking should be fun so don't do it if you just don't like to do it. If you do like or love it and want to know more I truly hope this site helps you, in some way, gather something new, and, continue to experience the love and fun of cooking.

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