Cooking Louisiana  -  Fried Veggies
Fried vegetables are one of my favorites. They're easy to do and are delicious served piping hot as appetizers.

Just about any vegetable can be fried. Here are a few that we do.

Mushrooms, cucumber, okra, eggplant, squash, tomatoes (green), bell pepper and onion.

Cut all the vegetables in the sizes you like. Begin with about 3/4 cup of Bisquick or any pancake mix, and, an equal amount of cornstarch. Add about a tsp. of Creole seasoning and mix up. Add milk or cream in the bowl to get a pancake mix-like consistency (sorry I don't have an exact liquid amount... I'll work on that). Put  few pieces of veggies in and pull them out to see how well they held the coating. The coating should stick well to the veggies; if not it may be too thin. If it's too thin add more cornstarch until you get a nice coating.

Put the cooking oil to heat at 350ºF.

Now for the cooking.

Note: You can fry them with just the liquid batter, or, you can dip them in the batter then dredge them in a dry mix.

Put a few pieces in the hot oil. If 90% of the batter stays on the veggies your mix is about right. Add a little cornstarch and mix. You should be good now. As you cook watch the temperature. If the oil gets too cold you're not going to get a good result.

Take them out of the oil and put on paper towels, move around often to let the grease get soaked up while you're cooking the next batch. At this point grease is your enemy. Transfer to new paper towels.  Continue to move around until you see little or no grease on the paper towels. Taste and sprinkle more seasoning if needed. Serve hot!