Cooking Louisiana  -  Fried Crawfish
One of my son-in-laws asked if I'd ever fried crawfish before and I hadn't. I did however have fried soft-shell crawfish a few times in local restaurants. So, he had the crawfish already peeled from a previous boil and we went to work.

Very simply you fry the crawfish tail meat similar to how you would fry shrimp, but remember, the crawfish are already cooked. Given that all you want to do create a crust on them similar to a shrimp then take them out of the oil. Store bought crawfish will be another mater, you would probably want to add a very little liquid crab boil the let them soak in that a while before frying.

Here's how we did it.Fried Crawfish

Make an egg wash adding a little bit of seasoning (be careful, the crawfish from a boil are already seasoned and if you over do it they may come out too salty or too spicy).

We used a boxed fish fry, I assume you could use flour.

Heat the oil to around 365°F

Put them a little at a time in the hot oil and just let them turn a lightFried Crawfish brown and take them out. Overcooking them will make them tough (chewey).

Keep the oil above 350°F so the browning process remains quick.

That's it.

Munch on them as a snack or make a po-boy with Hushpuppies on the side.

Fried Crawfish