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Site Map - a quick reference of the Cooking Louisiana Website! If Louisiana, Cajun and Creole Cooking is what you are looking for... you're in the right place!

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What's New - New entries to the site.

Cooking - General discussion on South Louisiana Cooking. Sub pages follow.

  Cajun and Creole - What's the difference?

     Hardware - What you might need in the kitchen.
             Sharpening Knives
Methods - Methods of Louisiana Cooking
            Making a Roux - Stocks
Seasonings - Seasonings discussion from the South Louisiana viewpoint.
            Pepper Heat Chart
            Colors of a roux
Kids Cooking - Getting the kids involved.
      Sauces ... the old French way

Meat - General discussion on meat and meat safety.

Cooking Meat - General discussion on cooking meats.
     Bar-B-Q  -  Pot roasting  -  Smothering  -  Casseroles  -  Stuffing
       Sauce piqaunts  -  Sausages  -  Dressings  - 
Fricassee  -  Gumbo

Seafood - General Discussion on Seafood in South Louisiana
      Fresh crab preparation

Cooking Seafood - General Discussion on cooking seafood.
      Cooking Shrimp  -  Cooking Fish Cooking Crawfish
Cooking Oysters  -  Cooking Crab - Frying - watch the bubbles

Vegetables - General discussion on vegetables in South Louisiana

Cooking Vegetables - General discussion on cooking vegetables in South Louisiana.
      Scorching Tomatoes

Foods of Louisiana - Various foods of South Louisiana

All Recipes Listing
      Traditional Recipes - The Old Time favorites
             Meat  -  Seafood  -  Vegetables  -  Bakery

        Modern Recipes - Variations of the old and Cajun creations of today.
             Meat  -  Seafood  -  Vegetables  -  Bakery


Tips-N-Tricks - little helping tips around the kitchen

The Chefs - Chefs of Louisiana

La. Food Links - other Louisiana food internet sites

Louisiana Info - Louisiana Information internet sites

Cajun & Creole Culture Links

Did You Know? Food facts

Articles Articles on food related subjects

Events - Events around South Louisiana where food is king!

More Stuff - projects of the site and general info...

Credits - Sources of some of the information on this site.

Contributions  - Ways you can contribute to the site.
       Recipe Submission

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