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The cultures of South Louisiana are diverse and interesting, a land whose history is rich in foods and ethnic cooking styles. In my fifty  years of living here I've heard so many stories of "how grandma or grandpa used to cook this or that", of "how Mama cooked the best such and such", yet, they had no idea how to do it; what a loss. I'm afraid we're slowing loosing our own home heritage, or roots. How can this process be delayed? By gathering as much information as we can about the years passed and preserving it.  

The people of Cajun and Creole Land orient many activities around food so what better a place to start? I'm going to continue to collect the recipes and the stories, but I need your help. 

Please consider taking the time write your own recipes and memories and talking to friends and family about the old recipes and food stories. Record these and send them to me. I'll post them to the site in their respective areas to share with each other and people of the world. We can save our roots but we have to start now because we all well know with each generation a little bit of where we came from is lost.

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Thanks many times for coming by, and, my wishes are for your best dishes!

Enjoy.....and please return.....

Jack Guidry  
Lafayette, La.  


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