Cooking Louisiana - Contributions

Would you like to help make the site even better? "The more the merrier" I say. 

Here's how you can contribute.

Traditional Recipes - these are the ones that mom and pop or grandma and grandpa cooked and were handed down to you. The recipes must however be of a true South Louisiana source. (Recipe Submission) ...

Modern Recipes - These recipes are what we "try something new" cooks have done. They can be twists on the traditional, or, totally new. Again, I only want South Louisiana sources. (Recipe Submission)

Family Events - Did your gang roast a pig, have a gigantic crawfish boil, fried up some fresh specks? Send me some pictures and a story and I'll post it here for all to see.

Festivals - Did you make a festival that you just loved? Send the pictures and story and it will be posted.

Tips-N-Tricks  - Please send me your tips and tricks for the kitchen. Hey, we all want to know the quick, smart and easy way to do something!

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I'll continue to add to the site. If you think of other Louisiana Style things we can do here please send me an email and I'll consider adding them. If you want more of any one thing, or want to offer suggestions please let me know about that also.

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Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to post here?


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