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Cooking Louisiana is a World Wide Web Site primarily dedicated to serve the home cook. The site is totally free to the visitor and is education and recipe oriented. The objective of materials presented is based on preserving traditional South Louisiana cooking methods, and, presenting new methods with a South Louisiana Twist. 

General Info

     There are today over 450 million internet users in the world, 240 million in the U.S. alone. I believe the internet, because of the interactive format, delivers a message like no other advertising medium! Advertisers such as yourself get exposure to the world via the internet as you already know. The exposure you get here lets the potential traveler add your place of business to their "must visit" list, or, your product to their "must get some" list. Thousands of visitors come to South Louisiana and many of them have planned their trip using information they got from the internet.  


     I only allow banner and cube type ads. Pop up window ads are not allowed since most people find them very annoying. If you need a simple banner ad developed I can create one for you at a reasonable price (see below). Advertising is also available in the monthly newsletter.

     This site requires minimal maintenance at this time therefore the cost to me is small, so, I choose to offer advertising at a "small" price (see link below).  

     This site is "Rated G" and ads will be also.

     I do not gather email address for distribution to anyone. Visitors' privacy will be kept secure, it's my promise to them and I intend to keep it. 

As of April 2005 page views (from anywhere) is 1,800 (average) per day. I'll update this as time goes on. 

Ad Pricing


Ad Periods

Advertising contracts are three month minimum duration. Annual contracts are the norm.  

Ad Positioning

Ad positions are as follows:

Main Pages (those with title graphics at top)
    Top Banner - center of page
    Bottom Banner - center of page
    Sidebar (right) Top Cube
    Sidebar (right) Secondary Cubes 

Sub-Pages (no title graphics at top)
    Top Banner - center of page
    Bottom Banner - center of page
    Sidebar (right) Top Cube
    Sidebar (right) Secondary Cubes

Ad positions and page selection dictate the price. Main Pages - Banner and Cube ads get the most exposure so they are the most expensive.   

Click here to see a sample Main Page.

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Ad Styles

Banner Ad (Limited to one banner ad per page per customer, positioning is top or bottom of page)

This is a 468 X 60 pixel banner and contains only your company messages.  The ad includes a link to your web site or page. Banner adds will rotate (several adds come up in one position) as more advertisers come aboard and will be limited to three advertisers.

If you have pre-formatted banner graphics please Email them, or,  mail them on a 3.5" disk or CD to me for use in your Ad!

I will create your Banner Ad at a minimal cost. When the ad is ready to be published you will be notified and directed to a page within the site to preview and approve it. 


Sidebar Ads

Sidebar ads will appear on the columns to the right of most pages and will be handled as the Banner Ad would be.  The ads will be of no greater width than the existing column (200 pixels). Sidebar Ads on sub pages will rotate in position every month. I will only allow five (4 or 5) ads on a single page to avoid clutter. Sidebar ads will remain static for now but will be rotating as advertisers increase. Rotations will be limited to three ads per cycle.

Ad acceptance will be on a first come first serve basis. 


Sponsored Web Page (businesses only)

I will sponsor one (1) Web Page for your business on this site for free. Your business must be Louisiana culture related and be in the State of Louisiana. These include restaurants, meat markets, Cajun designed gift stores, seafood retailers, etc. I will design the page for you and it can include pictures, a write up, a list of products and/or services, contact information etc.. I'll also include a map showing your location via Google Maps.

The only thing you must agree to is that your page will include Google advertising on the right side bar such as you see within the site, that's it.

Note: you will not have your own domain name such as because the page will reside within this site. You will be able to have others link to it and not have to see my pages first. I'll explain how it works if you decide to do this.

This is only for businesses that don't have a web site! 



Articles about your service or product can be posted here and if they promote your business they will be treated as advertisement.  Articles will be on stand alone pages (one page only) in a section dedicated to articles.  The article pages are exclusively yours, no other advertisers will be allowed. Send your article in electronic format on a 3.5" disk, CD or by email. If you have pictures to be included with the articles please send them also. The pictures can be digital Gif. or JPEG graphics files or send the picture prints and I'll scan them in. Articles will remain on the site for a maximum of one year. A link to your web site comes with the page. 

...For inquires or questions please email to [Contact]


This site is and will remain a professional one. Unethical practices by advertisers or visitors will result in banishment from the site. I guarantee no results in advertising and will do the utmost to insure fair advertising. (see our Terms of Use Agreement) Advertising styles and methods can be changed at my discretion. You will be notified in advance if any such changes are deemed necessary. All ad contracts are non-refundable.                                           

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