Cooking Louisiana - Sending Pictures

When sending pictures to Cooking Louisiana please follow the simple rules below.

Taking pictures of objects: Take several pictures from different angles. Fill the picture with as much of the object as you can (don't get too far away). Know the focusing limits of you camera when taking a close shot. If it's too close it will come out blurry. 

Taking pictures of people in groups: Take shots from different angles and different distances. If the group is doing something special such as boiling seafood get them to stand around the pot or the food that is being served so everyone knows the event taking place. 

From a digital camera:

     Be sure pictures are no larger than about 130 kb. Email them to me or send me a 3.5" disk or CD by mail. JPEG pictures are preferred but not mandatory.

From a standard (film type) camera:

     Have your pictures developed as you normally would. Send the prints via regular mail or scan the pictures and email them, or have your developer make a CD of the pictures. It's your choice. 


     I will do the editing of the pictures. Please don't try to edit them yourself. If you want something not be shown just tell me what it is and I'll take it out. If I can't use the picture(s) I'll let you know.


     I will return pictures to you if you want them, but please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope along with the pictures. Same holds true for floppy disks and CDs. If I don't have the proper postage you don't get them back, sorry.





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