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Advertisers such as yourself get exposure to the world via the internet as you already know. The exposure you get here lets the potential traveler add your place of business to their "must visit" list, or, your product to their "must get some" list. Thousands of visitors come to our area and many of them have planned their trip using information they got from the internet. Many travelers come to South Louisiana to enjoy the warmth of  the people and the flavorful food we have to offer. Showing them what you have here will put YOU on their map!
ooking Louisiana
brings the visitor to the roots of great South Louisiana Cuisine. Your business offers the visitor a chance to experience and/or bring home a piece of what makes us so special. The "at-home" experience is my objective and you are right here with me!  

I will bring to you as much about South Louisiana Cooking as I possibly am able; especially from the Home Chef. You'll peer into the kitchens and dishes of the actual residents of this flavor filled part of the country. We'll also get into some cooking facts and even do a little touring to see the sources of this fine food.

Cooking Louisiana is the place where the home cooks meet. This is not a fancy restaurant and I'm not a famous chef. I am a lover of good home cooked meals and if you are the same you should enjoy yourself here.

There is no registration, it's all free; same as when I cook!

I do hope you enjoy your visit and please return often.... 

"Make yourself at home, there's the ice box - get what you need, the forks and knives are in that drawer and the plates are up there. If you leave here hungry it's your own fault!".... Enjoy!.....





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