Cooking Louisiana - Newsletter - June 2007

Bonjour my fellow home chefs! We're moving into the summer season... and with that the Louisiana bounty flourishes. 

I have to apologize for being so long in putting a newsletter out but between work, a military crawfish boil and another marriage (my daughters') it's been a little busy... hope you understand.

Cat Fishing 

"See that jug bobbing in the water? Get it son!... chase it if you have to!" Welcome to jug fishing for Catfish in the Southern United States. Louisiana bayous are no stranger to the bottom dwelling Catfish. Many of you already know this, but, for those who don't let me describe what this sport is about (or is it a sport?). It's fun putting a fish in the boat, so, yes... it's a sport.

Let me explain that part first. Catfish has meat on its bones. Meat fits into my meal... we're going for meat, and therefore Catfish. The sport is chasing something; be it a ball or a a cork...just get it! The fun is not always in scoring; it's the trying!

Here's the deal, get some hooks and good Catfish bait. Get some floating jugs (your choice of style). Now get some string and tie a hook to the jug with the string (length depends on the depth of the bayou). Bait it up and go home. Tomorrow, you come back to the familiar spot to see if jugs are moving around like "something" is tugging it around the bayou. Go and grab the jug and yahoo! We got a fish! Another method is using trotlines and it pretty much does the same thing but concentrates the strategy to a more secretive location. Here are a few pics of some folks I know very well enjoying the fruits (fish) of the Louisiana bayou. Meat on a string!










Need Help

This is a request from a subscriber. I went to some of my trusted sources but have come up with little so far. If you can help please do so.

My deceased aunt, "Taunte (Aunt) June", used to make something like a cake but with vanilla custard (possibly a boiled custard) at the bottom of the pan. I seem to remember that she made the cake batter and then poured the custard on top of the batter, then baked it. The custard went down to the bottom of the pan as the batter baked. I remember eating it cold. It was delicious and I have been trying to find a recipe like this for years.

My Taunte June was a wonderful farmers wife cook, and put so much love in everything she prepared, we loved everything she made. She didn't have children of her own so she made us feel very special with all the great food she would share with us.
Unfortunately I was too young to ask for the recipe before she passed away, and none of my relatives remember what I am talking about.
Do you know of anything like this????

Please reply if you know what this dish is about... Jack


River Road Recipes

River Road Recipes is a cookbook that many Louisiana residents own including myself. The first edition was published in 1959 and is presently is its 70th reprint. The Junior League of Baton Rouge has since created 3 new cookbooks which you should find very useful. To get yourself a copy of one or more editions visit the Junior League website


Crawfish Report

We had a great season this year and the prices held reasonably well considering the fisherman's added expenses such as gasoline. I bought some boiled crawfish the other day from Captain Ahab's in Broussard, La. and they were really good. We got the mild recipe and they tasted a whole lot like the recipe I use. They weren't full of seasoning sprinkled all over them... I don't like seasoning crawfish that way; that's me.

Making a salad? Throw a cup of crawfish in it (seasoned of course).


Boiled Shrimp

I've modified my recipe according to a method I learned just recently, but, knew about it years back. We just don't do a lot a boiled shrimp. Here it is... Boiled Shrimp.


Buying a Gas Grill

As the warm weather approaches the outdoor activities increase. With that increase our direction turns to outdoor cooking. The gas grill has made significant advances in design over the past several years. As with many items we buy, not all things are as they appear. Read more here...


Pork & Sausage Pasta

I do some pretty good pasta stuff but this one kicked butt. We might eat a pasta dish once every two weeks (everything in moderation) and this one was just a need for something new. It was my night to cook and I just went into a grocery store with my imagination in high gear. You might want to try this one... Click here!



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Crab Facts

A while back I did a "crawfish facts" article and figured I'd do a Crab Facts article. It's mostly about keeping them alive and good to eat... does it need any more importance than that? Click here...



Cooking Louisiana wishes the best to the men and women of the military and to their families. We thank you for your service to the people of the United States. 



You can contribute

If you've go a subject you'd like me to research, or, you've done a little fact finding yourself, don't hesitate to contact me... this is about us, not me!  Cooking is fun, and, that's what we do here... have fun cooking! 


Till next time... eat well.

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