Cooking Louisiana - Newsletter - June 2009

Bonjour my fellow home chefs! 

Dang, it's June already? Oh well, time's fun when your having flies.

Cooking Basics - Burnt Pans

This applies to anything you'll cook in the oven and has the possibility to burn or stain your pan. 

Line the inside of the pan with heavy duty aluminum foil. It's cheap and will save you hours of soaking and scrubbing. When using a pan in the barbeque pit line the inside and outside with foil. Thank the good Lord for Rocket Science. 


We're at the end of the season and it has been pretty good. Now is the time to buy your peeled crawfish tails to throw in the freezer... the price is cheaper now than it will be 3 - 4 months from now.

Killer Omelet

How about a Pork Roast Omelet? Our niece Tammy pulled this one on us several months ago and it's fantastic. You can eat this for Breakfast, Dinner or Supper.

Sauté a little trinity and a whole fresh tomato. Add a few handfuls of green onions and a few cloves of minced garlic, and, about 1-1/2 cups of shredded pork roast (or beef roast). Use six-eight eggs and start the omelet like you usually would but use a pan you can put in the oven. Season the eggs a little. 

Add all the ingredients to the center. Flip the sides over, cover the pan and put it in a 350ºF oven for about 15-20 minutes. Be creative...

Hey, we talked about saving money in the last newsletter... here's a good leftover dish that won't cost you a ton of dough...come to think of it there's no dough in it to begin with... Laugh, that was funny!


I've got to tell you this little story. My wife and I went to this little breakfast place after some dancing years ago. So, we're looking at the menu... ah ha, A Cajun that's got to be good. Guess what? No eggs in the omelet...I was impressed (nooooot)... I sometimes don't know how people think; or maybe they don't.

Egg Facts

Speaking of eggs, let me inform you about those little oval things.

Eggs with a blood spot in them are not fertile eggs; it's a natural occurrence. That means you can eat an egg with a red streak in it and a chicken won't grow in your stomach... pretty much the same as swallowing a watermelon seed not that swallowing a watermelon see will make a chicken grow in you... just want to be clear here!

Eggs can pick up odors in your refrigerator so keep them in the carton you bought them in. Look, this is what I read... I never ate an egg that tasted like boiled crawfish... you?... but then again that may be good. Eggs are best when used within a week, but, can be kept up to a month in the fridge. Okay, so how long did they stay in the grocery store? Well... you can do a little fact finding yourself on the egg and other products by going to this web site. It's about how products are dated and the codes used.

Deep Fried Chicken

I received an email from Dave and he evidently didn't fry enough of the "Deep Fried Chicken"!!! Just kidding Dave. The guests picked the carcasses clean! I guess I need to figure out how to get the bones crispy so we can eat them too huh?

Saving the Oil (cont.)

We visited saving cooking oil in the last newsletter and a newsletter subscriber sent me a great tip! You can buy metal or a combination of metal and plastic coffee filters. They are permanent type and washable filters with a really good filtering ability. They just have to be washed; no biggie.

Cooking Knowledge

Some of what we do we do from what was handed down. If you're like me you might want to know more about the real definitions of foods and methods of cooking. Knowing why helps us understand what we're already doing, and, can lead to more creative dishes. If you love cooking, and what to educate yourself a little buy yourself a copy of Food Lover's Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst. It's a 700+ page paperback and available on Amazon. Go look it up; it's not expensive and good "porcelain thrown" reading material.

Igloo Ice Chest Plugs

Igloo had a bright idea to convert all of their ice chest plugs to the "screw on" type. There is a little ring that's supposed to keep the plug cap attached when it's unscrewed... yea, right... where are all the plug caps I lost? After you loose the cap you have to go buy another plug assembly just to get the cap... no you don't. Take a 2-Liter bottle cap and put in on. It fits perfect and seals just fine. Now I have plenty of plug caps.

Louisiana LeRoux

Before I got interested in food and weighed 170 lbs. I played a little music. Just so happens one of the groups I was in had a great keyboard player by the the name of Rod Roddy. Rod, I haven't seen up close for 30 years but he's still beatin' the keys and we communicate via email when time allows. Louisiana LeRoux, now LeRoux has had several hits of which one you know well as New Orleans Ladies. Here's a few things Rod sent me...Click Here, and, they'll be playing in New Iberia at the July Fourth Festival next month.

Acadiana Custom Cycles

If you're a motorcycle rider you need to stop by the new Acadiana Custom Cycles in Lafayette on the way to the New Iberia 4th of July fest. A.J. LeCompte's staff will help you in any way they can! Here's a little web page I did for them... as soon as their website is up you'll see it. Click Here...


That's it for now folks... be well and happy cooking! I'll be back in the near future.
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Till next time... eat well.

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