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I do my best here to promote the Louisiana culture; its food, people and our great talent. I decided to offer those businesses with limited resources a way to go to the internet in hopes of bringing in new business. Given that, I am offering businesses a free web page.

I will sponsor one (1) Web Page for your business on this site for free. Your business must be Louisiana culture related and be in the State of Louisiana. This includes restaurants, meat markets, Cajun designed gift stores, seafood retailers, etc. This is only for businesses that don't have a web site!

I will design the page for you and it can include pictures, your logo, a write up, a list of products and/or services, contact information etc.. I'll also include a map showing your location via Google Maps. You will not be able to sell over the internet here. 

If you're wondering how much I get out there; I have over 300 subscribers to my newsletter and the site gets over 200,000 hits a month

I will do research as to whether your business is a legitimate one and that it is located in Louisiana.

The only thing you must agree to is that your page will include Google advertising on the right side bar such as you see to the right, that's it. That's your payment to me. I make a few cents per hit on my side bar advertising with Google. It just helps me pay for my expense in publishing the site which is not much.

Note: you will not have your own domain name such as because the page will reside within this site. If your business name is Jimmy's Meat Market it would look like this.

Your business will also be listed on a special business links page within this site.

You will be able to have others link to it and not have to see my pages first. 

If you're interested here's the basic info and you can contact me here Click

Jack Guidry
Lafayette, La.







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