Cooking Louisiana - 1040 Gumbo

Tax season always brings some stress. Flip stress over and we're having fun. This is a dish you'll hopefully only have to cook one time a year.

1 Smart CPA
6 lbs. Gross Annual Income
1 batch of books (cooked)
3 gallons assorted exemptions
2 cups diced expenses
1 cup Tax and Credits
1/2 cup deductible contributions (cut in large sizes)
2 tbs. loop holes
1 package frozen tax tables
1 ton tax payments
Guessing and Reckless Truths to taste

You must use a Smart CPA to cook this in, otherwise the bitter taste of overpayments and/or audits may result.

Boil Gross Annual Income and cooked books in exemptions and add to to Line 22 - (Total Income). Sauté expenses and add Total Income. Simmer a while, remove expenses and add to line 36 (Adjusted Gross Income). Sauté Tax and Credits paying close attention to Credits. If cooked long enough the credits will increase in size adding a more desirable look to the dish. Add loop holes and contributions and dump everything into the Adjusted Gross Income. Deposit result on line 42 - (Taxable Income). In a separate pot cook the tax tables [see note below] being careful not to burn them which is so temping to do. Combine cooked tax tables, tax payments and Taxable Income and serve on either lines 71 (Refund) or 74 (Amount You Owe). If you must serve on line 74 you will experience a bitter taste. You can add Guessing and Reckless Truths as needed to be able to serve on line 71....remember: creativity is the key to the best dish.

Note: You will notice that the tax tables never fully freeze, and, year after year they take on a new look.








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