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Cooking Thermometers

Thermometers are VERY important when it comes to food handling and cooking. The most important thing to remember is that harmful bacteria thrive between the temperatures of 40ºF and 140ºF. Therefore keep uncooked food at a temperature of 40ºF or less before cooking, and, cook food above 140ºF to 180ºF depending on the type. The most dangerous undercooked food is meat (of any kind). [see the cooking meats page] LINK

Food processing facilities are inspected regularly and one of the things they are most critiqued on is food storage and cooking temperatures. The product coming to you "safely" is of utmost importance. We must, at our homes, do our part in keeping the safe foods we buy "safe" to consume!

How can you get a handle on all of this? Thermometers! They can tell you what you need to know about any food that is temperature sensitive (which most are). The processors use them and those thermometers are an integral part of their passing inspection, and, delivering to you the consumer, the best product they can. Hey, if they use them so should you!

Here are the basics.

Refrigerators: 36ºF to 40ºF

Freezers: anything less than 0ºF

Here are pictures of various thermometers.

This is a meat thermometer.

Meat Thermometer

This thermometer is used to actually pierce into the meat to test the internal temperature which means the done level. Always test the thickest portion of meat staying away from the bone.

Critical cooking temperatures...

This is a frying or oil thermometer.

Frying Thermometer

This thermometer is used to keep track of cooking oil when that oil is used for frying.  This one as a clip and is adjustable. Do not let the tip hit the bottom of the pot, you'll get a false reading.