Cooking Louisiana  -  German Butter Potatoes
German Butter Potatoes

I call it German butter potatoes because my mom and dad are German and we ate this pretty much when money was always a scarce item in the Hensgens household here in Louisiana.

Tony's Seasoning
Country Crock Butter
Peel (5) pounds of red potatoes and cube to a one inch size.

Place in a pot of water on stove top at med / high temp with about two inches of water covering the top of the potatoes. Now this is the catch, pour sugar into the water and taste until the water is sweet to taste. Sorta like when your kid brother made Kool-aid or Root Beer and it made you blink your eyes a lot and draw your lips up.

Bring to a boil and remember "DO NOT" stir the potatoes. This will only ruin the process. Test the potatoes by pushing a fork into them until they fall apart easily. Drain the unstirred potatoes into a strainer until all water is removed and then return to the pot.

Take Cajun seasoning ( Tony's, ) and lightly cover the top of the potatoes and remember that the more you put, the hotter it gets. Add several spoonfuls of butter to the potatoes (I like to use Country Crock butter) and stir. The potatoes should be left lumpy and not mashed like home made mashed potatoes.

Taste and then bring out the boxing gloves because there will be a fight at that stove top. Its quick, cheap, and the taste will make you cook it over and over again. I use it for barbeques, fish fries, baked chicken, steaks, pork chops and the list goes on. Some folks have added to the recipe with broken bacon bits, hamburger, onions, etc... Remember to cook plenty, they go kinda quick.

Donnie Hensgens