Cooking Louisiana  -  Casserole Steak Potatoes
This is a take off from stuffed potatoes, and, I serve it with steak. You can also fix this just as it is and put into hollowed potatoes. The casserole is easier but, if you like the skin, prepare it in the hollowed potatoes.

Figure one medium sized potato per person, wash them well.

Four Choices (they all work)

1. Peel and dice the potatoes, boil till fork tender.
2. Boil the potatoes whole until fork tender, peel and cut into cubes.
3. Microwave the potatoes whole according to directions, let cool and hollow them out..
4. Bake the potatoes whole, let cool and hollow them out..

The first two choices are for the casserole, the second two for stuffing the hollowed skins.

Prepare the following: "per medium potato".

1/2 Tbs. butter (melted)
1/2. slice bacon (chopped and rendered)
2 Tbs. chopped onions
3 Tbs. milk
2 Tbs. chopped green onion
1/2 tsp creole seasoning
2 Tbs. graded cheese of your choice
Bacon bits
1 pinch of black pepper.
1 pinch of salt

Adjust amounts as you see fit. Don't be afraid to estimate quantities. The above is my best guess at a breakdown of what I use for 5 medium potatoes (divided by five).

Render bacon, add onions and sauté until lightly brown. Add butter, potatoes and seasonings. Stir on low fire for a few minutes. Add milk and green onions. Stir until all well mixed (leave it a little lumpy - this is not mashed potatoes). Taste to see if you need more seasonings.

Now you can either leave this in the pot, or transfer it to a casserole.

stuffed potatoAdd 1/2 the cheese and stir, smooth the top with a spoon. Add remainder of cheese, more chopped green onions and bacon bits if you like. Cover and simmer (stove or microwave) for about 3 minutes (do not stir).

Now you can stuff the hollowed potatoes and bake, or, just leave it in the pot and serve it from there.