Cooking Louisiana  -  Crawfish Etouffeegg Roll  
Crawfish Egg Roll:

You want a killer egg roll Cajun Style? Well I got to playing around and came up with the Crawfish Etouffee Egg Roll. I renamed it for fun.

This takes about three hours total to do. You might want to cook the Etouffee one day and make the egg rolls the next day.

Make a crawfish etouffee and reserve 2 cups of the completed dish for the egg rolls. Let the etouffee set in a colander to remove any excess liquid then keep in the ice box, or just freeze it for use later.

Use the etouffee in place of the meat you would normally use (equal amount) in any egg roll recipe.

Don't add the seasonings listed in the egg roll recipe until you taste the final mixture because the etouffee already has seasoning in it.