Cooking Louisiana  -  Shrimp Boulettes
Shrimp Boulettes (boo-LETS) , a South Louisiana Favorite. These are also known as boulettes de chevrettes.


2 large onions
4 med. size potatoes
1 large green pepper
approximately 3 or 4 stalks of celery
1 quart size bag of thawed raw shrimp
salt & pepper or whatever seasoning you may want to add, as desired

(Makes approximately 30 to 50 rounded boulettes, depending on the size of your spoon)

Tools Needed:
Old fashion grinder or food processor
1 tablespoon
Frying pan
Large pan or Large bowl

If using the old fashion grinder, grind the shrimp FIRST. When shrimp are ground, grind up onions, celery, and bell peppers. Lastly, grind up the potatoes. The potatoes will clean up and gather any shrimp, celery, onions or bell pepper left in the grinder.

Shrimp BoulettesPlace all ground up foods in either a large bowl or large pan. Season with salt and pepper as desired then mix together thoroughly!!!!

If using a food processor, it makes no difference what's ground first! Then follow the directions above.

On a medium to high fire, carefully place a tablespoon of the ground up mixture into the frying pan. Fry till dark brown and eat your heart out!

Shrimp BoulettesBe sure to cook them long enough that the shrimp will be cooked inside. Also, you can choose how big you want them to be but remember, the flatter they are, the faster they cook. Thick ones take a bit longer to cook.

You can either make the boulettes round or flatten them with the spoon for sandwiches. Great with a touch of mayo and cheese on 2 slices of bread! Or great with WHITE BEANS & RICE! :o)

I do NOT use flour in my mix (some do)!! I like the taste of the ingredients alone, rather than a flour batter!

Submitted by: E. Jackson