Cooking Louisiana  -  Seadogs

4 Cups Raw Shrimp
2/3 large potatoes (sectioned)
¾ onion quartered
½ Bell Pepper (julienne)
Green onions chopped to taste
¼ cup parsley chopped
1 egg, beaten
3 Tbs. flour
1 stick butter
1-2 teaspoons Tabasco or to taste
Salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic powder.

Grind shrimp, potatoes, onions and bell pepper. Add green onions, parsley, egg and flour. Mix well. Drop by teaspoon full into grease at 350 degrees. Fry until golden brown.

Melt butter and add Tabasco in another pot. When Seadogs are through frying, place in pot with butter and Tabasco. Let simmer until ready to eat.

Submitted by P. Miller - Lacassine, Louisiana