Cooking Louisiana  -  Nicole's Fried Fish
My Mom and Grandma were both born in Beauregard Parish. I grew up in the Bronx. One day, I had a taste for Southern Style fried fish. However, living in the Northeast, I fried some whiting instead of a Southern fish, like catfish. This recipe came about by accident, made with left over ingredients in the kitchen. It was delicious, my friends liked it, so I repeated it. This is now the way I make all my fried fish.

New Fried Whiting Recipe, Y'all!

Buy fileted, cleaned whiting
Rinse them in a bowl of water salt and lemon juice
Pat fish dry
Toss the following in a large bowl: dry pancake mix, Old Bay Seasoning, grits, black pepper, cayenne pepper, nutmeg. Set aside.
Whisk the following in a small bowl: two large eggs and a little milk (plain soy milk is okay too) Set aside.
Get the pot/pan oil ready to cook.
Dip whiting in the egg/ milk
Then dip whiting in dry mix. Coat well, cover all the egg.
Then deep fry in vegetable oil, until it's dark golden brown... YUM!

Serve with steamed string beans and hot sauce... or a good brand name cocktail sauce if you have it.