Cooking Louisiana  -  Crab Bites
The Crab Bite is a great appetizer or addition to a seafood meal. Naturally they came from the result of leftovers and an experimenting mind.

Here's the story...
I had cooked stuffed crab and had some leftovers in the fridge. I also had some spring roll pastry in the freezer, so... sounds like we have a deal here!! Right? 

Spring RollsFolks, this is as simple as it gets but it takes a little effort on your part. 

Using the 5" x 5" size spring roll pastry, wrap about a tablespoon of stuffing individually in each pastry. Be sure to seal them up with a beaten egg yolk brushed on the contacting edges. Also, follow the handling instructions on the package...this pastry is easily torn.

Drawing 1
Folding the Spring Roll PastryPut the stuffing in the center (where the circle is drawn) and brush two top edges with egg yolk (drawing 1), . Kind of like the following (yellow represents egg).

Fold the corner closest to you over as shown above to create a triangle.

Drawing 2

Brush the center with egg and bring the other two corners in (drawing 2)

Drawing 3

...and roll them over (drawing 3)

Prick them with a toothpick so they don't blow up. Deep fry them at 350°F until golden brown. Everything inside is already cooked so all you're doing is heating it up and crisping the Spring Roll Pastry.

Note: If their not staying together just run a toothpick through them.

Here's the final result...
Crab Bites Appetizer

No... sorry, these are mine.... you'll have to cook your own!