Cooking Louisiana  -  Pepper Steak
Pepper Steak

This recipe brings the best of good steak and a Cajun Punch together for a great dish!

Courtesy of Chef Al from Houma, LA.

1-1/2 to 2 lbs. of Steak (Rib-eye or T-Bone)
1 Tbs. cooking oil
1-1/2 Lg. onions chopped
3 - 4 garlic cloves chopped
5 - 6 stalks of celery chopped
1 can mushrooms
3 bell peppers cubed into 1-1/2" pieces
Corn Starch
Salt to taste

Trim fat and bone from steak, put into pot on med-high fire with oil and sear until dark brown. Add onion soy sauce and garlic. Stir.

Add water; about 20 oz. (depending on how much gravy you want). Add celery and mushrooms. Lower fire and add cornstarch at a rate of 3 Tbs. per 10 oz. of water; mix well.

Cook about 10 - 12 minutes. Add bell pepper on top, season lightly, cover and simmer for 5 - 8 minutes. Serve over rice.