Cooking Louisiana  -  Meat Roll
Meat rolls are a very nice main course or addition to a meal. You can use several different cuts of meat such as round steak, 7 Steak or Chuck Steak. You want something thin.

Take the slab of meat and marinade it according to the toughness (tougher = longer). Use a meat mallet if you wish to get it even more tender.

Onion chopped
Bell Pepper chopped
minced garlic
green onions
bacon chopped
fresh sausage
creole or other seasonings
other stuff you can dream up

I'm not listing amounts because it will all depend on how thick you put it on.

Meat RollLay out the meat and sprinkle the powdered seasonings. Layer each of the onion, bell pepper, garlic, bacon, sausage and other stuff. Starting at one end roll the meat up as shown below. Wrap a few whole pieces of bacon around it and tie it up with cooking twine.

Meat RollI did this one on the pit on a rotisserie.

Use a meat thermometer to be sure it's done before you take it off. Slice it up and enjoy.

Meat RollThis one took about an hour and a half to cook but it was not right over the coals. These can also be done in the oven in a pan.