Cooking Louisiana  -  Shish Kebabs
If you want to just tease your mouth to no end the "kabob" (as I call it) is certainly one way to do it. To get really good kabobs takes some time and planning. I know you're thinking "just chop the stuff up and stick it on a skewer", well, not here in Cajun Land.

Here's how I do it.....


Whole fresh button or portabella mushrooms
Cherry Tomatoes
Bell Pepper
Jalapeno (if you want a punch)
Steak (your choice but with marbled fat in it)
Chicken breast or thigh
Shrimp, peeled
Smoked Sausage
Fresh Sausage
Whatever else you like!


Before you get started get yourself several bowls to put each of the meats and vegetables in to keep them separate.

Cut the meat in bite sized pieces. Leave the shrimp whole unless they're large.

Marinade the steak, chicken and shrimp in olive oil and creole seasonings for about two hours in the ice box. Add a little more garlic powder to the shrimp. You may choose to wrap the shrimp in bacon also!

Go ahead and put the skewers to soak if you're using wooden skewers.

Just before you're ready to assemble the kabobs cut all vegetables in about 1" X 1" squares. You can cut the button mushrooms in half if they're large. Sprinkle creole seasoning on them.

Arrange the bowls in a semi-circle in a meat/vegetable/meat/vegetable order.

Shish KebabsLoad the skewers... Place them in a pan until you're all done. You can now brush them down with a little seasoned olive oil if you like. On one skewer on one end load three pieces of steak each separated by a slice of onion. That makes it east to test the doneness without destroying a complete Kabob.


You can now set them on the grill as is, or if you have barbeque racks just place them in those. I like the racks because everything is easier to handle. A rotisserie is even better. Kabobs are best done on a medium heat for a short time turning frequently. The steak takes the longest time to cook. You'll just have to watch them and judge the doneness for yourself . Keep the hardwood chips handy and add them for a good smoked flavor.

Shish KebabsBrush or spray with your favorite sauce so everything doesn't dry out.

When done continue to brush a few times with a little seasoned water or wine.