Cooking Louisiana  -  Tim's Bodacious Brisket

A good friend sent this brisket recipe to me. If he say's this brisket recipe is good, take it to the stove; he don't eat nuttin' bad! This is going to take almost all day so start it in the morning for the evening meal.

Pick out a nice trimmed brisket; about 5 or so lbs.

Make the Marinade:

2 12oz. cans regular Coke-a-Cola
Sm. bottle Heinz Chili Sauce
1 pack Lipton Onion Soup Mix
1 Tbs. (or more) Louisiana Hot Sauce
1 Tbs. Worcestershire
- - - - 
Dry rub of your choice

Mix all ingredients of marinade. Use dry rub on brisket. Put brisket in a pan and pour marinade over it. Turn brisket to coat well. Put in fridge for 3 hours, turn once and let remain in fridge for 3 more hours.

Take brisket out and sear until almost burnt (broiler will do this). If you do this on the pit; right over the fire. Put it in a pan and add marinade. Continue to cook at 300°F for about 3 hours for Med. well, more if you want it to fall apart. On the pit; you're on your own, just get it off to the side of the fire. Baste or just cover until done. Slow and low is the secret to tender brisket.

Tim. E. - Texas