Cooking Louisiana  -  Boudin Omelet
Boudin Omelet

First time I did this I got some strange looks, not anymore!

You can do this in the open face or folded omelet method.

4" of a link of cooked boudin
3 eggs
2 - 3 tbs. milk (approx.)
1/2 onion chopped
1/4 cup green onions chopped
pinch of salt and cayenne pepper

Mix eggs, milk and seasoning.

Remove boudin from casing. On a med-low fire in a small amount of butter or margarine add onion and cook for about a minute. Add boudin and green onions and cook for another minute. Remove boudin. Scour pan with hot water if any rice stuck to it and return to fire.

Add more butter and pour eggs in the pan. Put fire on med-low and add boudin mixture either in the open face style (sprinkle all over), or, in the center to make the folded omelet. Cover and cook on low for a few minutes.

Be creative... add other stuff you like to it! Mushrooms, cheese, etc.