Cooking Louisiana  -  Homemade Ice Cream
This homemade ice cream recipe is for a five quart homemade ice cream maker; the old fashioned kind. And the recipe is me.

You will have a little more than you need but I'm not going to try to pare it down to the exact recipe for the container volume. Allow yourself a few hours for preparation of the mixture.

1 doz. eggs
4 cups sugar
2 qts. whole milk
4 cups (1 quart) Half-and-Half
2 sm. cans evaporated milk (Pet milk)
3 Tbs. Vanilla Extract (fresh)
2 tsp. salt
1 box Rock Salt or Ice Cream Salt.
48 quart ice chest of crushed ice.
Another ice chest with a drain to complete the freezing process.
Bucket to sit on while you work

Scald milk in a pot (bring to 185°F) stirring and scraping the bottom frequently (milk burns easily, use a spatula or flat edged wooden spoon). Turn fire off.

In a bowl, beat eggs with a whisk and add 1 cup of warm milk from the pot; continue to whisk. Add another warm cup of milk and continue to whisk... this will temper the eggs. Add sugar and salt to the pot of milk and stir until dissolved. Add egg/milk mixture and turn fire back on medium. Cook, stirring as you did before. Watch the spoon as you stir... when the mixture just starts to coat the spoon (thickens) a little turn the fire off. Let it cool for about an hour. I fill the sink with ice and water and put the pot in it to quicken the cooling process. Add Half and Half, Pet milk and vanilla stir in well and put to cool.

You can prepare this several hours early and stick it in the fridge until you're ready to actually freeze it in the ice cream maker.

Fill the ice cream maker container up to the top of the paddles with the mixture. Set the container in the machine, put the motor on and fill it up with ice. Sprinkle some rock salt (enough to almost totally cover the ice) on and turn the machine on. The ice will begin to melt. Add ice every 5 minutes or so (keep the container covered) and sprinkle rock salt on it every time you add ice. You're going to do this several times.

*** While this is happening get a small ice chest that drains, and, that the ice cream container will fit in to complete the freezing process. Read below...

Once the ice cream gets to a certain frozen state the ice cream maker will stop. Unplug it, pull the container out. Take the lid off and take the paddle out. Use a spoon to get the big pieces of ice cream off. Give the paddle to the kids to lick.

Take a spoon and scrape the sides of the container (the side of the container freezes first) and mix it all together.

In the ice chest *** mentioned above put the container and add ice to come up to the lid, no more! Sprinkle a bunch of rock salt. Let the freezing process continue for about 30-45 minutes. Stir the mixture once or twice scraping the sides and keep the ice chest closed. Now, you can do this in your home freezer but don't let it go too long. Homemade ice cream will freeze as hard as a rock!

Salt water will kill grass... be careful where you do this!