Cooking Louisiana  -  Dressings
Dressing in South Louisiana takes the well known dish and adds the love of the land. Rarely will you find just plain old dressing on the stove. It's usually a mixture of seafood or meat (sometimes both), duck gizzards and all sorts of other good stuff. Jambalaya is a close cousin to the dressing. It's not quite that simple but you get the idea.

Dressing is a side dish that complements whatever the main course is going to be. For instance it's not unusual to find a duck and oyster dressing on the stove at the Thanksgiving Dinner. I've seen Cajuns get really creative with dressings.

Onions, celery and bell pepper, a little garlic and green onions, your favorite meats or seafood and some rice are all you need to make a dressing. Dressings are mostly stove top cooked. The rice is generally cooked on the side then stirred well into the base ingredients, however, I cook the rice in the dressing pot like you would a Jambalaya.

Cajun Rice Dressing Recipe