Cooking Louisiana - Holiday Feast Alternatives

Here are a few ideas, "Cajun Style", for holiday cooking alternatives.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are very close together. So if you're hosting both meals, and, the visitors will be the same group you probably want to change it up.


Gumbo.... hmmmm! Not only for regular times, but a Turkey-Oyster gumbo is just plain delicious especially during the holidays. The turkey carcass you saved and put in the freezer is fit for the stock and oysters are just plain "great" during the holidays. There are some things to consider when cooking this dish. 

If you are going to boil the turkey carcass leftover from Thanksgiving for the stock, you should know that the stock has a strong turkey flavor. So, only use a portion of the stock along with plain water to make the gumbo.

Oysters need no special preparation. As a general rule you can use one pint per gallon of gumbo.


Here the weather can any one of many things. Cold and nasty or warm and pleasant and anything in between. Trying to plan an outdoor event during the colder months is a matter of luck in the outcome, but hey, we give it a good shot. Light that pit! 

What do we throw on that pit? Naturally we don't do "the regular que". 

Here's a short idea list...

Rib-eye roast
Seafood kabobs
Barbequed oysters
Stuffed Pork Loin
Baby Back Ribs
Braised Brisket

Other Stuff...

Frying turkeys has become very popular. You can fix this up and of course all the regular Christmas trimmings fit well.

Deer roasts, smothered squirrel or rabbit, and, an old time couchon-de-lait are great dishes too.



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