Cooking Louisiana - Pepper Heat Scale


Pepper Heat Scale

Sort order is hottest to mildest. 
100,000-350,000 Scotch Bonnet, Habanera
50,000-100,000 Chiltepin, Cayenne, Tabasco®
30,000-50,000 Piquin, Aji, Tabasco®
15,000-30,000 de Arbol
5,000-15,000 Serrano, Early jalapeno, Aji Amarillo
2,500-5,000 jalapeno, Mirasol
1,500-2,500 cascabel, Sandia, , Yellow Wax Hot
1,000-1,500 Ancho, Pasilla
500-1,000 Anaheim; New Mexican
100-500 Bell; Pimento








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