Cooking Louisiana - Carving a Turkey

Carving a turkey is not tough, and, is done in several methods. When I carve a turkey it gets done once and that's it. Here's how it's done.

With a sharp knife cut the breast away from the carcass and set aside. 

Cut away the leg/thigh and the wings and set aside.   

Cut and/or pick all the meat you can off the carcass.

If you're going to save the carcass for a gumbo break it into as many pieces as you can and bag it up to put in the ice box or freezer.

You can use your roasting pan to put the turkey in. 

Start with the breast and, with an electric knife, slice the breast as shown below.

Carving a Turkey

Cutting in this manner is "against the grain". This gives you a nice slice that's not stringy.





Set the breast in the pan keeping it together as it was sliced.

Now, slice away the thigh, leg, and wing drumstick meat from their bones.

Arrange the parts and pieces as shown below keeping the white meat near the breast and dark meat near the legs. It's a great and practical presentation. The side slicing of a turkey on TV is for show and makes no sense. It's like drinking milk with a fork.

Carving a turkey










You can now pour a little gravy over the entire bird to moisten it up and add flavor.

Happy cooking...






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