Cooking Louisiana - Smothered Okra

This is a recipe from my deceased Maw Maw - you won't be able to stop eating it! She never used measuring spoons so here goes: By the way if you cook in your black iron pot enough your okra won't turn black, I promise you!!!
A large bowl of sliced okra (or large package of frozen sliced okra)
1 lg to med sized white onion - chopped med. coarse, not finely chopped
2-3 fresh tomatoes firm and sliced med. coarse like the onion
Enough cooking oil to cover the bottom of your pot  generously (we use a good old black iron pot) or any pot that won't stick
Heat your oil by putting your pot on high long enough for the okra to sizzle when putting in the pot. Add okra carefully, a little at a time, esp. if your okra is wet  because you don't want to get splattered with hot grease. Stir frequently until the "slime" is near gone or gone. Add your onions and cook until soft as you continue to stir frequently. You may have to add enough water to cover the bottom of the pot if the slime doesn't want to completely dissipate. Turn your fire lower either way, and keep stirring and be patient. Smothered okra is the best but you can't rush it!. When slime is gone and onions are soft, add your tomatoes then stir to mix completely. Salt and pepper to taste. And then try to eat just one serving!


Connie from Highlands TX










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