Cooking Louisiana - Pre-Smoked Picnic Ham

Ham is usually part of a holiday meal. A pre-smoked picnic ham is a great choice and when you're done with the meat you have a nice hambone to throw into a big pot of white beans. Yum...

Buy a smoked picnic ham and when you pick it out be sure it's not spiral sliced. Also be sure it says "Smoked Picnic" on the package. I'm saying that because you can buy hams with a bone in them that are not smoked. Those types are the hams that are wrapped in clear plastic and you can actually see the meat. A smoked picnic will be totally wrapped in dark plastic with no meat visible..

Allow three hours to complete this...


Smoked Picnic Ham
Coca-Cola to cover ham
2 Tbs. Honey
2 Tbs. Brown Sugar

Unwrap the ham and cut the fat off.

Choose a deep pot that the ham just fits in. The more narrow the pot the less liquid you'll need. Put the ham in the pot and pour enough Coke in to cover the ham. 

Put the fire on medium with the pot uncovered and bring to a slow boil; this will take some time. Once the liquid is boiling add the honey and brown sugar and spin the ham around to mix it up.

Continue to boil for 1-1/2 hours and occasionally swirl the ham around. Don't overcook it to the point where the meat falls off the bone. But cook it unit the meat loosens up just a little. You can test it with a fork.

Turn the fire off and let the ham sit in the liquid for at least 30 minutes; more time is better. 

Hint: If you're going to do this when you have a lot of cooking to do on a holiday event you can cook this way early, let it cool a little and set it to the side covered. Leave the ham in the liquid which will continue to add flavor, and, keep it warm until you're ready to carve it. Carve with an electric knife cutting thick slices at first to go with the holiday meal and then thin slices to make sandwiches thereafter.




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