Cooking Louisiana  -  Smothering
Smothered chicken is a favorite in Louisiana. We smother all sorts of things including wild game and vegetables.

With meats, smothering involves a browning process at the beginning then moves on to the sauce at the end with the final cooking. Seasoning and a little flour is sprinkled on, then, it's seared dark brown on all sides in a black iron pot with a little cooking oil. The meat is removed then the onions go in and are browned well, this makes part of the gravy. After the onions are done throw in celery, bell pepper and some minced garlic and cook that for a while. Put the meat back in, add a little water, cream soup, tomatoes or whatever you like, lower the fire, put the lid on and it's on its way.

Smothered vegetables are usually done by lightly browning a little onion and salt pork or Andouille, throwing in the vegetables and stirring every 10 minutes or so on a low fire keeping it covered. Smothered okra, potatoes, cabbage and corn are favorites in South Louisiana.