Cooking Louisiana  -  Sauce Piquant
Sauce Piquant is a style of cooking used for rabbit, duck, alligator, chicken and seafood. Just about anything you can dream of has been used to whip up a sauce piquant.

A sauce piquant is tomato based using a combination of whole, stewed, sauce and paste, and, uses a small roux. As the name suggests the dish is a little spicy by nature but you can control this yourself. The word piquant means "pricking" in French, like a rose bush thorn. The meat is usually browned (not the seafood dishes), the roux follows and then come the onions, garlic, tomatoes and spices. The Louisiana home style of doing this dish demands that the sauce be cooked a couple of hours on a low fire. This is done to sweeten the tomato flavors, and with wild game, you need to cook it longer to tenderize the meat. The flavor is full bodied tomato and believe me you'll love it.

Sauce piquant is served on hot rice.