Cooking Louisiana  -  Roux Spoons
You ever see a roux spoon? These are perfect for scraping the bottom of the pot when cooking roux or browning onions or whatever. Roux Spoons are a must have for the Cajun cook.

Roux SpoonsAs you can see by the picture they come in solid and perforated styles for all your stirring needs. If you're old enough you might remember mama's or grandma's old spoon that was worn flat from stirring in a black iron pot. The design descends from that so you don't have to wait to get yours right.

Now you can get Roux Spoons just about anywhere including Amazon.

I also found some wooden spatulas (turners) that are perfect for making roux's and browning onions, etc.

The ones shown below are discontinued but others are available.
Wooden Spatula

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