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The Mirliton is a favorite food of South Louisiana. Once the principal food of the Aztecs and Mayas the Mirliton made it's way to North America and made Louisiana one of it's principle homes. It's also grown in California and Florida.

The Mirliton (pronounced me-lay-taw if you live in the country and mirl-uh-tahn if you live in the city) can be fried, stuffed, pickled, stir fried, cooked with tomatoes and used in salads. Stuffed Mirliton is by far the favorite here in South Louisiana.

The Mirliton is also known as the Chayote [chi-OH-tay], Mango Squash and Vegetable Pear. You can sometimes find the plants (a fruit that has sprouted) at the local Feed & Seed store. You won't find these at most nurseries.

Growing Mirliton:

Take several Mirliton and place them in a paper bag (leave it open for air flow) and set them in a cool, dark, dry place. You would normally do this in late fall. In a few weeks you'll see them begin to grow. The seed will begin to protrude as it sprouts. Once the vine gets about a foot long it can be planted during the spring and will produce fruit mostly during the fall. I've seen some older plants produce in early summer and fall.

MirletonsHere's a young Mirliton from MY garden!

MirletonsA little bigger Mirliton...

MirletonsAnd... full grown!

More info here on growing Mirliton...[Click Here]

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