Cooking Louisiana  -  Cajun Power Gumbo Mix
I received a gift box of Cajun Power products recently. Included in that box was a 32 oz. jar of chicken gumbo mix. I coincidentally wanted to cook a gumbo today and had no pre-made jar roux, and, it popped into my mind that I had the Cajun Power gumbo mix. I figured, what the heck, I'll try this out; if it's not too good I'll just add what I want to make it good. Well let me tell you folks... it's "the bomb". I assume "the bomb" means good. I'm old, I don't know all these new terms.

Anyway, here's what I did. I boiled a chicken and deboned it. In the water (about 1.5 gallons) that I boiled the chicken in, I added the Cajun Power Gumbo Mix. Now let me say this...I like a "thin" gumbo and some folks like thick. The directions on the jar say add one jar (32 oz. or four cups) of water to the mix. That's thick in my book but if that's what you like that's fine.
I added one jar of Cajun Power gumbo mix to the 1.5 gallons of "chicken water" and did not add another single ingredient... nothing! It was perfect people... did you hear me? Perfect!

No, I don't own stock in Cajun Power nor am I a paid advertiser. I'm just telling you this stuff is dang good. In fact it's so good I don't think I'm ever doing a "from scratch" gumbo again! I'm serious about that last statement. Heck, why should I do all the work when somebody better than me has done it all already? I'm not stupid!

Want a really quick gumbo? Buy the Cajun Power chicken gumbo mix, a rotisserie chicken and a pound of smoked sausage. Put em' all together and cook for 15 minutes; cook a pot of rice and you're done. You may need a pinch of salt because my idea above thins it some but that's it.
How easy can it get?

Cajun Power products are from right here in Acadiana; Abbeville to be exact. There are stores that carry their products around here, and, they sell them through their website.

Here's the website and you can order their products at a really good price.

This is the home page link.

I am now forced to test the other products. If the other ones are as good as this one... I'm done cookin' the old way. Just kidding but maybe not, it's a serious thought!