Cooking Louisiana - Flood Protection for Appliances

If you live in a flood prone zone you may be able to protect some of your large home items such as freezers, refrigerators and furniture. We take many precautions to protect ourselves from floods such as sandbags but you may not have seen this method yet. This is a tip that could possibly help you prevent damage if the water comes up a few feet in your home. 

Put your appliance in a plastic bag!

Let's say we're going to protect the refrigerator. Unplug the refrigerator or any appliance that you want to protect that has power going to it. 

[CAUTION] You MUST NOT plug any appliance back in once it is wrapped or you could start a fire!!

Purchase some heavy plastic in a roll. It should be at least 12' wide and thick (heavy duty). The higher you want to protect the wider the plastic should be. Cut off a piece the same length as the plastic is wide so you have a square piece of plastic. You'll also need some duct or strapping tape or rope. 

Pull the appliance out where you can work around it a little. Picture wrapping a birthday present... paper lain out and box in the center. 

Fold the plastic in half and mark it with a marker, this gives you the center point. Unfold it then roll one half of the plastic up to the mark and place the rolled end next to one side of the refrigerator on the floor. Be sure it's centered. 

Have someone tilt the refrigerator enough to slide the roll halfway under the appliance. 





Gently let the appliance down. Tilt it the opposite way and roll out the remainder of the plastic. 





Pull the plastic up around the sides, now you've formed a bag. Secure the plastic to the sides of the appliance with tape or rope. 


You don't want to move the appliance around because you might tear the plastic. You could use small rugs or pot holders or folded towels under the feet of the appliance in case you need to move it. To do this tilt the appliance as you did before and place the rug or potholders right under each foot. It should slide around fairly easy.

If you can get some plastic pallet covers just flip them upside down and use those.

You could also do other appliances that won't float easily. There is no guarantee that this will work, you're on your own on this.









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