Cooking Louisiana - Hurricanes

Hurricanes can kill. I went through Andrew in Houma, LA. when I lived there, and, hauled butt from Lili as I now live in Lafayette, LA.

If you're right on the coast...leave. Riding out a hurricane makes mice out of men! Don't sit around trying to plot exact landfall and your position, this is mother nature not a chess game. Hurricanes don't carry laptops or watch television.

Problem: Flooding:

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Sandbags work only if you use them properly. Stacking them in the front of a door is an exercise in futility. Once water comes up and stays up for a while it can migrate through your sewer system.

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Problem: Wind

Wind from a Cat. 3 and above hurricane can blow down trees, remove your roof and throw lightweight materials around with great force. Not as violent as a tornado. Water oaks, pecans and pine trees are the most vulnerable.

If you think you might leave make early hotel reservations farther inland; at least 100 miles inland, and, for 2 days. You can always cancel if you donít go.

Wind speed and distance from the coast are directly proportional. Click Here

Going back home could be rough if power is knocked out and trees have fallen everywhere. Keep the car full of gasoline and be ready for delays.

Problem: No Electricity

If you have a generator follow each and every rule. They can electrocute you, catch fire and asphyxiate you. 

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If youíre in a rural area, canít get out and need something make a sign you can put out in the yard in front of your home. People will be riding around after the storm with the intent to help others.

Follow all other Hurricane preparation and safety rules. Click Here.  and Here

Pass this on, good luck and be smart.






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