Cooking Louisiana - Saving Money with a Freezer

You, of some experience, know that a freezer can save you money in food purchases. I wondered; what is the average dollar amount? So, I sat down and put the following together. No, it's not everybody that this will apply to, but, I can't be too much different from most folks and hey, food is food.

Okay, here's the plan. I'm figuring what we normally eat in a month out of the freezer. Then I just did the math... real simple.

One month's food:

Chicken - one per week makes four.
Beef or Pork Roast - one per week so that's four.
Chuck Steaks - one pack per week so four here also.
Beef or pork ribs - one every other week, that's two.
Rib Eyes - one pack every other week, that's two.
Sausage - one pack per week, that's four.
Hot Dogs - one pack per week, that's four.
Pork Chops - one pack every other week, that's two.
Ground Beef - one pack per week, that's four.
Fish - one pack per week, that's four.
Shrimp - one pack per week, that's four.
Frozen vegetables - 3 per week that's 12.
Frozen Pizza - two lg. per week

I'm now going to just average for a family of 4 which is about two to four pounds per meal with leftovers. I also assume you buy everything on sale! In lbs. per month I just used the average package weight required to feed four people.

Food Reg. Price Sale Price Savings/lb. lbs/Month $/Month
Chicken .99/lb .69/lb .30/lb. 16 4.80
Roast 2.29/lb 1.79/lb .50/lb 25 12.50
Chk. Steaks 2.29/lb 1.79/lb .50/lb 12 6.00
Ribs 2.29/lb 1.79/lb .50/lb 8 4.00
Rib Eyes 8.99/lb. 6.99/lb. 2.00/lb 6 12.00
Sausage 3.25/lb 2.69/lb .56/lb 4 2.24
Hot Dogs 2.29 pack 1.69 pack .40 pack 4 1.60
Pk. Chops 2.49/lb 1.79/lb .70/lb 6 4.20
Gr. Beef 2.29/lb. 1.89/lb. .40/lb 12 4.80
Fish 1.69/lb .30/lb 12 3.60
Shrimp 5.99/lb 4.99/lb 1.00 8 8.00
Veggies 2.69 pack 2.29 pack .40 pack 12 4.80
Pizza 1.89 ea 1.29 ea .60 ea 8 4.80
        Total --> 73.34

$73.34 X 12 months = $880.08 a year...! 

If you say... "We don't really eat that much", or, "There's only two of us"... just reduce the annual total by whatever percent you choose. 

In addition to this I haven't even included meals you prepare in advance for freezing such as stuffed crabs, fresh vegetables from the farmers market, etc.

You can buy a 20 cubic foot freezer for around $600.00... looks like it will pay for itself pretty quick. After that it's at least a car note a year!

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