Cooking Louisiana - Low Carb diets and Fat

Low Carbohydrate diets are the fad now as they were years ago. These newest diets allow the consumption of meats and fats. Can the fats be dangerous? Let's look at common fats and what they are.

The science community has identified good and bad fats as they relate to health.

Good fats are: Mono-unsaturated and Poly-unsaturated fat
   These can be found in: Canola, Olive, Corn, Soybean and Sunflower oils.

Bad fats are: Saturated and Trans (Transformed) fat (also called trans-fatty acids)
   These can be found in: Vegetable oil, cookies, crackers, some margarines and some snack foods. Foods fried in partially hydrogenated oils also contain the bad fats.

Food nutrition labels are changing to include the amount of Trans fat. Saturated fats are already listed. The recommended total daily consumption of saturated fat is 20 grams. Trans fat consumption amounts have not been identified.

The bottom line is this... Bad fats and cholesterol are bad for your circulatory system. So, be smart and choose the BETTER fats to consume. Learn to read food labels, they give you all the information you need. We all need some fat in our diets but we should be aware about the amounts and types of fats we consume.

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