Cooking Louisiana - Deep Fat Fryer

Electric deep fat fryers are nice and easy to use right, well not all of them. Depending on the kind you have you can really cook up some fried foods fast. Wouldn't you just love one of those nice commercial fryers for yourself, man those things are nice. Well this is about the next best thing.

There are a few different manufacturers of this kind of machine and it works. I've had one for almost a year and it does the trick for me. To the right is an Ultrex 3-Liter Stainless Steel Deep Fryer.

It has a heating element just like the commercial fryers do. In fact it's a small scale version of one. This is a photo from the HSN web site. You can get this one for about $65. 


The fryer I have is a Bravetti brand name, they look almost identical to each other.


Here's the one I own... you can see the coils on the inside. The basket on the Ultrex is small but that's because you're not supposed to overload the basket like you can with mine.

I put a box of salt there to give you an idea of the size. What I like about it is the speed in which the oil heats between batches. The basket has a hanging clip so you can let the foods drain.

The whole thing goes in the dishwasher except the control box and coils. 


You put the basket in the cooker just like you see it sitting here. The cover goes on and the little slots on the cover fit around the handle. There is a filter on it to let steam out and keep oil in (very nice).

You can figure on using a gallon of oil in it. I only use it if I have a lot of food to fry (more than three batches).

There are several  places (Sears, Target, EBay) that carry them and the the best price I've seen so far is $60.00 and can be as high as $100. 

Do a search using this: Stainless Steel Deep Fryer.  

Hope you enjoy it....




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